Deep Fried Cabbage Balls

I never get tired of eating south India food prepared the traditional way. Infact, I’ve been trying to recreate some of my grand mom’s and my great grand mom’s traditional recipes. However, I’m also open to experimentation, but its important to make sure that the authentic flavors are not destroyed in the process. Today, I’m presenting my mom’s take on a traditional dish: “Paruspusili- with a twist”. Most of the steps are similar to making traditional parupusili. But, to make these cabbage balls, you go a step further and deep fry the lentil-cabbage mixture. It tastes exaclty like parupusili, but with a crunchy outer skin.

You can check out my traditional beans parupusili recipe here:

List of ingredients for making “Deep Fried Cabbage Balls”:



Channa dhal – ¾ cup

Toor dhal – ¼ cup

Cabbage (chopped) – 1½ cup

Green chili – 6

Rice flour – 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Oil – 2 tbsp

1. Soak channa and toor dhal in warm water for about an hour.

2. Drain all the water and grind it into a coarse mixture along with green chili and salt.

3. Now mix chopped cabbage with the lentil mixture and roll it into lemon sized balls.You can add one tablespoon of rice flour to help bind the mixture. Add salt if needed.

4. Now place these balls in a greased idly pan and steam them for about 15 minutes.

5. Once the balls are cooked, remove them from the idly pan and deep fry them in hot cooking oil. I use sunflower oil but you can use vegetable or canola oil as well.




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