Ven Pongal ( Rice and lentil with cashewnuts and black pepper)

Food is an integral part of festivals across cultures and countries. This weekend Tamilians celebrated the harvest festival,Pongal.I grew up in a beautiful village in the southern part of Tamilnadu where the celebration involved mind-blowing flavors and colors. My mom’s typical pongal menu included Ven pongal, Chakkara pongal, Vadai and Sambar. Out of all of theses dishes I find Ven pongal the easiest to make and as a student I go for things that does not make me spend hours together in the kitchen and dishes that involve simple ingredients. This dish is a perfect  combination of both and its so comforting! Happy Pongal!!!

Here is my mom’s pongal recipe:

Serving size: 2-3


Raw rice- 1 cup

Moong dhal – ¾ cup


Black pepper- 2 tsp

Cumin seeds – 2 tsp

Ginger – Half-inch square chopped up nicely

Asafoetida – ¼ tsp

Cashewnut- 5-6 pieces (break them into halves)

Ghee – 2-3 tsp


1.Wash and cook rice and dhal together in a pressure cooker and mash it up well.Add salt.

2.In a frying pan add some ghee and fry whole black pepper, ginger, cumin seeds, asafoetida, and cashewnuts. As soon as the cashewnuts turn golden brown add the entire content to the cooked rice and lentil mixture and mix it well. (I add curry leaves just to give it some color)

3.Serve hot pongal with sambar and chutney.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Balaji says:

    interesting intro! can u add some pictures of “the making” ??

  2. Shruthi says:

    hey you could add milk and water to the rice while your pressure cook. Also milk can be stired in with the rice and dhal to mash them together!

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